Narcis and Cristi: same story and different outcome.

Love in the Time of a Pandemic II

Romania Without Orphans Alliance awarded for lobby and advocacy campaigns in the field of child protection and adoption.

Impressions after first online Summit

The first Romania Without Orphans online Summit just finished. “Everyone can do something” was the message that stuck in the minds of the participants and the most common response was “it didn’t last long enough”

Love in the time of a pandemic

Stelian, Gabriel, and Eric, three one-year old children, with major medical problems were abandoned in a Bucharest hospital. At a time when such a thing seemed impossible, these children discovered what Christian hospitality and the warmth of a family means. The adventure of them and their daring parents inspires us and challenges us to dream and act more..despite the pandemic.

Historical decision of the Romanian High Court: Family-based foster care can no longer be restricted!