10 November

On “Orphan Sunday”, Christians are called to give thier attention to orphans. We are a people called upon by God to protect the fatherless … to take care of the child who has no family … and to visit the orphans in their troubles.

Each event is organized by local churches. Sermons, small group meetings, concerts, prayer meetings, joint meals, and youth activities are some ideas to inform and motivate believers to understand God’s call to care for the orphans and to get involved in doing whatever they can as an answer to this call. The message will come from several sources, all having only one voice.

“Orphan Sunday” is an opportunity to awaken the church, community and society to look after orphans.

In November, thousands of events like this will echo around the world, with only one purpose: to spread the news of God’s great love for the orphan. “Orphan Sunday” is an opportunity to awaken the church, the community and society to look after orphans.


In the past, many churches and missions around the world have organized “Orphan Sunday “.

It began in Africa, in a small Church in Zambia. While attending a church service in Zambia, an American visitor was impressed by the passionate call of the pastor to take care of orphans in the local community who were devastated by AIDS and poverty. Church members themselves were also confronted with these same needs, yet at the end of the service, one after the other stepped in front with money, food and other goods, some even giving their own shoes as a gift to orphans.

The visitor, Gary Schneider, was so moved that he began to help the leaders of the Zambian Churches mobilize to organize “Orphan Sunday” in all of Zambia.

These efforts first spread to the United States, in 2003, then to the rest of the world. The Romania Without Orphans Alliance (ARFO) desires, through a coordinated effort, to bring together Romanian Churches, in order that, with one voice, we would awaken this nation. At the same time, ARFO honors the Zambian Church for the gift that it gave to us, Orphan Sunday.

Let us pray that believers from all over the world will be as fervent as our brothers and sisters in Zambia, so that the world can see God’s heart for orphans.

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We are here for you! Our team wants to provide you with the resources you need to participate in “Orphan Sunday”. Below are some simple steps that will help you make use of the free materials and packages on our site. If you need further help, please do not hesitate to contact us. God bless you and may God reach many orphaned children through your loyalty in serving.

The “Orphan Sunday” event starts with a person who shares God’s passion for orphans.

Steps: Select an activity from the ideas listed below, or use your own design! Start building the idea with prayer and planning, inviting your friends to join you.


  • Dedicate a church service: sermon, video materials, adoptive family testimony, prayer, Prayer Chain for Orphans, “Orphan Sunday” T-shirt.
  • Use 25 min from the church meeting: Video material, Adoptive Family Testimony, and Prayer for orphans
  • Use 10 min from the church meeting: Video material and prayer for orphans

Tell us what “package” you have chosen and we will send you the necessary materials by e-mail.

Please sign up on the “Orphan Sunday” Map! We want to see Romania covered by prayer on November 11th. No activity is too small!

If you have questions or need the resource kit, you can contact us at the following e-mail address: contact@arfo.ro, check the Facebook page for the event, or at 0726.138.601.

Frequently asked questions

On “Orphan Sunday”, Christians around the world celebrate the love of God, the One who “defends the cause of the orphan” and who calls us to do the same. In essence, “Orphan Sunday” makes known the true character of God and the visible side of the Gospel through believers who share His Father’s heart through the adoption, care and universal care for orphans.

God is profoundly and personally concerned with the cause of the orphans (Deuteronomy 10:18, Psalm 68: 5-6). He calls upon His children to share this passion and to bring to each child the love of Jesus Christ by both word and deed (Isaiah 1:17, James 1:27, Matthew 25:40). “Orphan Sunday” reminds the Church of this truth, being a call to action.

Every event or activity in “Orphan Sunday” is conceived locally by the believers in that particular church. Therefore, events vary according to the people and churches involved. For example: sermons and/or Sunday school lessons about God’s heart for orphans, video materials, testimonies of parents who have adopted, prayer meetings, days of fasting and simple meals, fundraising, launching the challenge to become an adoptive family.

The “Orphan Sunday” site includes ideas and resources for local events: event poster, videos, activity ideas, study guide, or sermon outline.

Many lives are transformed when Christians respond to God’s call to care for orphans. Adopted orphans and young people are changed forever. But that does not stop here. Christians, in their turn, are changed, from a self-centered religion, to a true, sacrificial discipleship. Churches also grow, because, when the community sees the heart of God, it will mirror it further. Last but not least, the world around us will be transformed by seeing the tangible Gospel put to work in Christian adoption, in foster care, and in the work of caring for the orphans at a national / global level.

The Orphan Sunday Campaign in Romania is led by Romania without Orphans Alliance (ARFO), a national alliance of organizations and churches dedicated to the Gospel and to the orphan. At an international level, “Orphan Sunday” is initiated by CAFO (Christian Alliance for Orphans), which brings together over 180 trustworthy organizations, from Family Life, Bethany Christian Services and Show Hope, to Focus on the Family, Buckner International and Compassion International. Most importantly, “Orphan Sunday” is celebrated annually through thousands of dedicated events all over the world.

For any questions you can contact us at the following e-mail address: contact@arfo.ro, the Facebook page for the event, or at 0726.138.601.

We offer 3 proposals of organization:

  • Dedicated a church service: sermons, video material, adoptive family testimony, prayer, Orphan Prayer Chain, orphan’s Sunday T-shirt
  • Use 25 min from the Church Meeting: Video, Adoptive Family Testimony, and Prayer for Orphans
  • Use 10 min from the church meeting: Video and prayer for orphans

Please sign up on the “Orphan Sunday” Map! We want to see Romania covered by prayer on November 10th. No activity is too small!