Do you remember the 3 extraordinary children, with significant medical deficiencies, that through a miracle found families in one of the most difficult periods in human history? Stelian has Down syndrome, Gabriel has tracheostomy and gastrostomy (he breathes and feeds through tubes), and Eric has hydrocephalus, West Syndrome, and at least for now, he can’t see. (If not, their story is here).

In July, Eric, together with his dad, went to the Robanescu Recovery Center for two weeks. Hospitalizations, medications, consultations, needles and shots, doctors and nurses..a full plate before them plus all of this in conditions where masks are required. 

In the hospital room together with Eric was a little girl, Antonia, also one-year-old, who was very sick: epilepsy and microcephaly. Unable to cry, she often only whimpered a little when adults administered treatments on her, turned to the other side, or sucked in secretions from her mouth. She was fed through a tube and never resisted anything. From time to time, though barely perceived, her eyes seemed to tell a sad story of an abandoned child that didn’t meet the expectations of others who had given her life.

Every day, the medical staff had an interesting reaction: they marveled at how good Eric looked now and how bad Antonia looked. Six months ago they had been roommates in the hospital room, both fighting for their lives.

One of the nurses, expressing surprise once again, ended sadly: “What can you do. Some are destined for life and others for death.” These words pierced the heart of Eric’s father and he couldn’t forget it..” but if only we could find a family for her.. who should I talk to.. there has to be someone else that would see Antonia more than just being imperfect..”

On the way home, Eric’s dad shared this story with his friends, Ovidiu and Cristina. All three of them had tears in their eyes when they thought about how a child deserves more. Cristina especially. Their home already had 3 children from 4-8 years old and she knew how much a child needs hugs, kisses, baths, and just simply.. love.

The following night, Cristina could not sleep. “Some are destined for life and some are destined for death” were the words that kept her awake. How will Antonia be alone in the hospital? Is there anyone there to hug her? How does this little one feel? Cristina woke up Ovidiu and together they made one of the most important decisions of their life.

The next morning, they called Eric’s father and told him that they want to adopt Antonia into their family. “We want to offer her the hospitality of our home for as much time as God allows. We want to bless her and to take care of her, to love her for what she is: a unique, precious creation of our Lord.”

What followed were visits to the hospital, the DGASPC (social services), the center where she was, and then to court. They had to fill out documents, certificates, recommendations, files, etc. Countless prayers were prayed for this little girl. This all culminated on one sunny day in November when Antonia went home. Neighbors, friends, families – everybody celebrated.

For Ovidiu, Cristina, and Antonia, the adventure has just begun. No one can predict exactly how her health will change – she may die in a few months or she may recover. You, reader..pray for this little one!

And more than that, ask yourself, what is the adventure you want to live?

Love in the time of a pandemic and miracles from this time period.. more than survival or fear or personal development. And you can be the miracle for a child that needs a family:

  • Inform yourself: Find out about the 50,000 children in the system: their dreams, what “home” means to them, and ways in which they want to change the world when they grow up;
  • Help a family that has adopted. Volunteer with an NGO. Donate to a legitimate organization;
  • Adopt: save a life, change a destiny.

Because a child deserves to smile, to run, and to play, being protected by their mom and dad!


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  1. What an amazing story of God’s grace and willingness to sacrifice! I’m deeply touched by this and inspired to see the way love is contagious, moving from one family to another on a path toward a Romania without Orphans!

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