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Romania Without Orphans Alliance (ARFO)

A family for every child

The Problem

Vulnerability is a vicious circle. Whenever things get more difficult for any society, the vulnerable become even more vulnerable.

Over 50.000 children are in the social care system in Romania.


Orphaned children

Loose 1-2 IQ points per month in residential care (according to Harvard)

Are up to 10x more likely to be trafficked (according to FBI data)

Are 4 times more likely to commit suicide in teenage years (Pilowsky & Wu, 2006)

ARFO addresses the problem collaboratively and systemically

We don’t only need to change lives, we need to change the system and eliminate the vulnerability of orphanhood in children.

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Isolated impact


Collectiv impact

ARFO unites NGOs, churches, companies, public and private persons, all having a single purpose:

That each child should benefit from the love, support and safety of belonging to a family..

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Our areas of activity:


We strongly believe that, in most cases, the best place for a child is their biological family. However, many families abandon these children because of material motivations, finances, or major difficulties. We often find that the local community can intervene and help prevent the abandonment of the children.

Promoting Adoption

In the instances where children lose their biological families, the answer is to find each of them a healthy family. We want to see many more families open their arms to children without parents.

Training & Support

A child that experienced trauma, even just the separation from his or her family, needs special attention. We want to help educate those who care for these children, in families or in transition towards a family, to do their best.

Lobby & Advocacy

We believe the government should be a support for families that want to adopt. Because of this, we support the reduction of bureaucracy of the adoption process and ensure a smooth transition from abandonment to reintegration or adoption.

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